About Us

Established in Belgium in 2002, Invest Care is an international leading venture investment firm that works thoroughly with business persons to shape life sciences corporations that change and make over people’s lives. It emphasizes on firms and corporations advancing medications, therapeutic expedients and diagnostics by offering and delivering private equity funding to early- and mid-stage human healthcare and life science businesses and corporations. We aimto service the all- inclusive healthcare and biotechnology business, with an exceptional emphasis on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical expedients.

Our team includes knowledgeable specialists with wide-ranging harmonizing know-how in investing and constructing healthcare and biotechnology corporations. Invest Care has contact to a comprehensive worldwide complex within university circles, business and commerce. We take a dynamic part in the growth of our portfolio businesses as a principal stockholder or as a vigorous consortium associate.

Our Focus

Invest Care assists corporations to link enquiry and growth through the group’s proficiency in drug development and company structuring. Above and beyond monetary purposes, we like wise manage a combined undertaking with quite a few venture capital companies, who manage detached seed and early stage capitals dedicated on some countries in the regions.
In addition, Invest Care emphasizes on corporations working on integrate in environmental science in the chemical industry to one or the other aid create innovative compounds or change the creation of materials such as plastics into an ecological procedure.

Intercontinental Range

With associate offices and affiliates in the biosphere's strategic biotech hubs, we back and fund business persons in countries in South and Southeast Asia Pacific including the Middle East and Africa regions. We, at Invest Care, profit from our intercontinental method through a comprehensive appreciation of viable topographies, proficiency and knowhow in numerous diverse capital markets, and entrance to a greater group of administration ability and extensive methodical systems. Its project capitals are committed to capitalizing in health care and life disciplines.

Our Team

When we capitalize in your corporate, you obtain and given aid and assistance from our entire group. Our intercontinental and regional team has started numerous corporations and has all-encompassing proficiency and knowhow in science, medicine, policy scheme and industry.

We can aiding enticing and drawing talent for boards and management groups, decide on drug objectives for innovative stages, formulate ideas for scientific growth and progress, traverse legal concerns and matters, counsel on PR scheme and reflect and meditate through business improvement and with draw al tactics and schemes. Totaling to our identifiable facts, we have a comprehensive set-up of prominent scientific and business professionals. Our joint know ledge is accessible and obtainable to entire portfolio corporations. Our group applies a supportive and cooperative methodology to appraising dealings that influence functioning and administration capability and knowhow.

Our Investment Capitals

Venture Resources - Our venture resources put in across our comprehensive tactical areas of venture investment, medical co-development, venture assets in public equities and community markets. They emphasize predominantly on reserved corporations but finance a proportion of their worth in public corporations.

Public Market Endowment - Invest Care Bio Equities (SCBE) is committed and steadfast exclusively to capitalizing in community life science corporations. Engaging a long-only venture style and method, our open-ended trust capitalizes international in community less-funded life sciences corporations taking management positions in well-managed dealings, joining in private engagements as well as purchasing and marketing bonds and shares in the vulnerable market.

Our Strategy

How We Do It

We associate and collaborate with business persons to generate corporations that have a major and substantial effect and influence on patients’ lives and survival. Taking part in all phases of growth and expansion and through all segments and regions, we apply an extensive and expansive planned method to financing in life sciences. Invest Care project scheme approach permits for investments in initial stage corporations considering for primary round financing through later-stage or medicinal by product corporations. Our investments aimbusinesses that emphasize on product progress and improvement in the biotechnology, developing and evolving pharmaceuticals, health care and medicinal technology areas.

Invest Care has an evidently definite investment scheme as we emphasize on capitalizing in human healthcare novelty and improvement projects in South and Southeast Asia region including the Middle East and Africa regions. We target to poise risk and liquidity alongside the phase of project scheme deal, from seed funds to pre-IPO funding, in numerous sub segments with diverse time-to-market perspectives, assetessentials and requirements and risk-to-retum percentages.

Our investments at Invest Care vary from €1.5 million to €7.5 million, as well as supplementary funds for ensuing and consequent funding. For investments in the regions, we characteristically do as the principal stockholder, configuring the business deal and at all times partaking and joining with other venture capital businesses. In main bank rolling processes, particularly in those situations and conditions where we can influence our international linkage, we pursue to invest in worldwide consortia with other committed and steadfast life sciences and healthcare venture capitalists that share our idea and obligation to capitalizing in and assisting corporations.

Broad Strategic Approach

Contained by the life sciences market, we take part in a comprehensive series of openings and visions across therapeutics, medical expedients, diagnostics, instrumentation and software. We capitalize in seed phase schemes, technology podiums, preclinical and clinical resources as well as accepted and promoted merchandises. Assisting private and community corporations, we target to collaborate with the best inventive and pioneering businesspersons to target substantial unmet requirements and prerequisites in healthcare sector.

Characteristic Investments

Investment magnitude: $1.5-$8.5m in total for eachbusiness Ownership: Widely held or marginal

Topography: Predominantly in the South East Asia Pacific as well as Africa and Middle East regions Elolding period: 2-7 years

Sectors: Bio therapeutics, minor molecules, nucleic acid therapeutics, sera, distinctly pharma, technologies, medical expedients, diagnostics, medical equipment arrangement.

Our Strategies and its Practices

Managing and administering programs and businesses at several diverse phases of growth and expansion, our various approaches and schemes offer and deliver us with remark ably comprehensive comprehensions into the significant features for achievement in biotechnology.

Initial and Late-Stage Schemelnvestment - With over 15 years of experience capitalizing in innovative life science technologies, we appreciate and comprehend how thought-provoking it can be to turn a prodigious knowledge into a pronounced corporation.

We are relaxed and at ease appraising and taking substantial scientific hazards. Our group and link of consultants comprises a number of previous managers and administrators with actual and direct know ledge of these encounters, who are prepared and accessible to offer and deliver backing and guidance when it is required and wanted. We also comprehend that constructing a positive and effective business takes a while and perseverance. Our group is dedicated to constructing tangible significance over the long-term period of development.

Public Markets - By means of our set-ups and link ages, monetary knowhow and facts of the life science business, we categorize and capitalize in small-funded community corporations that we consider are under-appreciated.
We capitalize in public small-fund life science corporations through our project resources and through a distinct trust, the Invest Care Bio Equities (SCBE). It is a long-only, flexible and unrestricted, account that capitalizes internationally in public life science businesses and corporations.
SCBE capitals have two corresponding investment classes: submissive and dynamic. Our submissive funds, which comprise the mainstream of the fund by amount and quantity, are engrossed and dedicated on well-administered, well- financed corporations with drug or technology resources that we consider are devalued and underrated. Our dynamic investments are PCPEs (Project Capital in Public Equity) where the business requires fresh funds and reformation and these are characteristically bigger funds.
Participating in thorough scrutiny of public businesses before we capitalize, we typically stay stock holders until the venture circumstance has been achieved. This could be until information from a clinical experimental is reported, an associating transaction contract is engaged or a drug is officially accepted. We are not discouraged by irrational share value falls on inconsequential business bulletin or stages of market flaw. To a certain extent the contrary, we interpret these as possible openings and prospects to capitalize.
PCPEs - Invest Care has initiated and established a methodology to public market funding that we refer to as Project Capital in Public Equity (PCPE). It is a capital- style asset in a trivial public corporation. We acquire a substantial holding, occupy a board seat, and perform an energetic and dynamic part in evolving the corporate activities. We back the business in the similar approach as a venture outlay, offering and delivering access to our knowhow and set-ups as mandatory and prerequisite.
Clinical Co-Progress - We have initiated and established a new fan geotactic to associating and affiliating with medicinal and biotech businesses and corporations to aid them cultivate active and operational novel drugs and supply them to patients in an enhanced and hastened way and means. One of our tactics and approaches is to use ground breaking technologies to cultivate innovative drugs created on monoclonal antibodies to the subsequent group of vital and significant healing objectives in oncology and autoimmune syndrome and illness.
This inspired and ingenious model, called Clinical Co-progress offers and delivers funding for late-stage therapeutic resources with the co-progress corporation experiencing the entire scientific and supervisory hazard. This corporation obtains and collects a pre-negotiated profit as soon as the drug is agreed and accepted.

Our Approach

What We Do

With a motivation and emphasis on parts with important unmet requirement, Invest Care pursues to shape and form countless corporations that expand and advance the wellbeing and value of human being and existence. We conduct an energetic character in our portfolio businesses and work with extraordinary business persons, industry associates and associated venture stockholders to generate significance. Our worldwide investment experts and specialists carry profound methodical, therapeutic and corporate facts to each venture Invest Care creates.

We capitalize in life sciences, with specific emphasis on therapeutics. We are similarly at ease capitalizing at a right early-stage of drug progress, when aspirant drugs have just been exposed and revealed and are reaching pre-clinical phase, as well as at later phases of clinical growth and expansion. We support inventors and researchers that we consider can turn out to be forth coming industry front-runners: clever and perceptive, motivated by vibrant product visualization, at ease in un chartered terrain, strident, liberated judgement producers, prepared to transform trend and course when the information expresses. In short, we wish and desire to support factual business persons with universal motivations and determinants.

We identify and distinguish that drug finding is challenging and steadfastly consider that simply molecules that are sustained and reinforced by the resilient belief of fundamental experts merit fiscal support. The nonexistence and deficiency of motives to discontinue a drug expansion platform should not, by the situation, be a validation and excuse for affecting a program headlong. Resilient principle is a much further suitable and applicable decision-making device, particularly in early-stage exploration and improvement.

We consider that merely be dependent on numerical deliberations as a forecaster for achievement in drug finding is not a viable and workable approach. In addition, multifaceted governance configurations and procedures can dawdling down modernization and generate breezes against discoveries and innovations: simulated corporations and stepwise asset-centric funding can generate an appropriate atmosphere for early-stage modernization. As molecules advance and improve through clinical growth and expansion, we support businesspersons in constructing their corporations around those resources that are aptly and fittingly de- endangered.

We capitalize principally in countries in South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific, including Africa and the Middle East regions, observing for openings and prospects in university circles, biotech and medicinal businesses and corporations.

Multi-Stage Unified Stage

We offer and deliver backing to biotech businesspersons who have influential philosophies and the aptitude to cultivate their technical vision into an effective and efficacious biotech corporation. At the initial phases, we aid start corporations under our Resource Center methodology and upkeep their growth from methodical discernment to initial clinical researches and result of ideas. We start and cultivate our initial-stage corporations out of laboratories, university circles or Pharmaceuticals, and handle them as fundamental corporations following our resource center approach. The ones that effectively cultivate from their pre-clinical phase to initial clinical are then equipped and prepared for tactical dealings with Invest Care or supplementary growth into advanced phases.

At Invest Care, supplementary capitals spread out our platform competences to back business groups when it create tactical sagacity to construct a protracted enduring biotech corporation well further than the initial phases of its growth. Our growth account is dedicated on assisting businesses that have effectively get hold of clinical development and that we feel should grow their composites individually through FDA endorsement and market access and admittance.

Our undertaking and development capitals are administered by our committed capitalizing authorities for each account, who work collectively as a unified group and jointly offer and deliver an assimilated policy to aid our business persons construct their corporations into the world wide front-runners and true biotech reformers and visionaries of the yet to come. Vigorous influence on unmet therapeutic requirements and the vigorous monetary proceeds related and linked with such noteworthy improvement and modernization are the shared objectives we ardently share with the businesspersons we support.

Portfolio Companies

Our portfolio comprises businesses and corporations at all phases of growth, from initial-stage corporations assessing make over technologies to business-stage corporations looking for further development. Below are some examples of portfolio businesses and corporations whose medical research and growth activities are supported and financed by Invest Care:

  • A team of devoted medical experts, biomedical engineers, and other specialists motivated on the growth and expansion of medical technologies that will modernize the handling schemes of patients with multifaceted cardiac arrhythmias.
  • A biopharmaceutical corporation devoted to the growth and commercialization of state-of-the-art treatments for patients with incapacitating exceptional illnesses.
  • A biopharmaceutical corporation dedicated on the finding and improvement of drugs that exploit innovative instruments of deed to treat significant urological, inflammatory, and connected ailments with substantial unmet therapeutic wants and requirements.
  • Afore runner in the growth and improvement of proteomics expertise.
  • A corporation which is dedicated on the investigation and growth of trivial molecule drugs to treat CNS illnesses.
  • A fundamental biopharmaceutical corporation evolving products to treat vascular dysfunction and amazement, with preliminary emphasis on severe sepsis.
  • A forte pharmaceutical corporation dedicated on pain administration grounded on its untested erosion-based technology for medication distribution, intended to prevent mishandling.
  • A business developing a late-phase pipeline focused around a forceful and extremely discerning kinase inhibitor. This is being advanced for the cure of myelofibrosis and other intractable body fluid tumors.
  • An innovative corporation in the progress of an original class of directed protein therapeutics which are as target-detailed and forceful as monoclonal antibodies.
  • A corporation generating ground-breaking healthcare merchandises for the hemostasis and reformative drug markets, by applying its know-how in fibrinogen tools and knowhow.


Allies in the ProperLogic

Invest Care pursues to associate with healthcare corporations poised for robust, transformational development and progression. We take an energetic and dynamic character as concerted and cooperative associates from the very beginning of our venture and have been applauded for our sagacity of impartial dealing and collaboration.

We are considering for corporations whose administration groups are imaginative and ingenious and necessitating funds and resources for development and substantial value conception. We back administration with our profound knowledge, but when supplementary knowhow is desirable, we may also enhance our services with our healthcare associations forged over years of taking part in the business.

Whether you’re a stockholder, a corporation or an executive, we’d like to hear from you. To send us a communication, please contact us at info@invest-care.com

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